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High Quality Log Rolls available in Durban, KZN

The global rustic trend has meant that the versatile log roll is being used in many different ways. In fact demand has increased as people are doing more and more DIY projects using log rolls than ever before. There are detailed plans online for projects using log rolls to landscape your garden or make furniture. The rustic charm and versatility of log rolls make it a good choice for large and small projects. It is one of the best materials to utilize for indoor and outdoor projects. Log rolls are easier to transport because they take less space than steel or concrete poles. Wood is easier and lighter to handle but tougher when travelling.

In construction it has been found that fewer wood poles are needed than steel per kilometre which lowers the cost of a project significantly. Outdoors, log rolls are so versatile in the garden. They are easy to plant into a hole in the ground whereas steel poles need a concrete foundation and each one must be earthed. Log rolls do not need to be earthed as they do not conduct electricity. Another advantage of log rolls is customization. Pole Galore provides high quality log rolls in Durban for use in small, medium and large scale projects. Our log rolls are Creosote and CCA treated which protects the wood and wooden poles from termites, fungi, mites and other elements that degrade wood.

Our log rolls can also make an attractive feature as a garden edging. Horizontal log edging is a popular choice to separate specific areas in a garden. A square flower bed or vegetable patch can be easily created with a few log rolls. Shorter poles placed vertically can be used in attractive shapes to separate specific areas in your garden. They make lovely flower beds or vegetable patches. Wood landscape edging is a simple and cost-effective way to make your garden look attractive and neat. Firstly, outline your space that you want to edge and dig a trench 3-4 inches deep. It is essential that the trench must be level. You can check that it is level at each point with a tape measure. You will need to place two layers of landscape edging, one on top of the other. Some people prefer to use a few logs stacked horizontally, this also looks very attractive.  This allows for stability as well as to ensure unwanted mulch, soil and grass do not spill in or out of the area. Alternatively, you can use wood log roll edging to construct a picket fence around the area.

Poles Galore also supplies the best quality garden edging and log roll edging in Durban. These are precut edging stakes that come by the roll. You can simply unroll it and stake it into the ground. Log roll edging can be functional and decorative. It is used to define borders between landscaped and non-landscaped areas in a garden. It adds a rustic appeal to gardens which add to the charm of a vegetable patch or flower bed. The advantage of this edging is that it can be curved around any space so it works very well in most gardens. It is also perfect for keeping mulch within the planting area rather than on the lawn or walkway. Firstly, the area must be prepared to install the wood log edging. Start by digging a trench that is deep enough to secure the edging stakes in the ground while still leaving enough of the log above ground. Ideally, at least one-third of the log roll should be in the ground. Make sure the trench is level as you do not want your edging height to be unequal above ground. Next, you must tap your stakes into the ground at equal distance apart and ensure that the heights of your stakes are equal. Lastly, refill and pack your soil so that the edging is stable and secure.

Our log rolls and logs can also be used for constructing play areas and jungle gyms for children. They can also be used for constructing adventure courses for adults and teenagers. Places like Ushaka Marine World have made excellent use of log rolls and wood poles in their adventure course Chimp and Zee. Another notable area that has made use of log rolls and wood poles in Durban is the Sugar Rush Park. The eating area is touched by the rustic charm of wood and the Laser Rush area at the park has made use of log rolls and wood features as forts and hideouts for players. There are so many amazing creative uses for log rolls. Cut up log rolls into ‘tiles’ to make a rustic pathway or make them slightly higher for edging a pathway or deck… the creative uses for log rolls are endless.


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