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A global frenzy has broken lose, with the uses of rustic trends becomes increasingly popular. This has meant that a log roll is seen as a highly versatile product that can be used in many different aspects of décor. The demand of log rolls and various other timber product has drastically increased over the year as many more people are taken on DIY home improvement projects.

People are now able to find illustrated and highly detailed plans of various home DIY projects, many of them include the use of log rolls. Log rolls have been utilised in landscaping gardens and even in the production of DIY furniture. The rustic feel and overall versatility of log rolls make them a good choice for both small or large projects. Log rolls are simply one of the best materials to use in both indoor and outdoor application. They are also far easier to transport around as compared to concrete poles.

Log rolls are even being used in construction for various applications, outdoors, these log rolls can be used in a variety of ways and styles to make any garden look absolutely stunning. These log rolls can be planted into a hole in the ground and remain steady, where as concrete or still poles would first need to have a concrete base put into place to hold them in position. Log rolls also do not need to be earthed as they do not conduct electricity. A huge advantage to using log rolls is their ability to be customized into any shape or size that is required.

Log rolls in a garden can be used to make an attractive edging, dedicated to bringing out a rustic and unique look to your garden. Log rolls can also be used to easily cordon of areas within a garden to allow for the segregation and growth of other plants such as vegetable or fruit trees. They can also be sued to make individual flower beds within your garden. Using log rolls to give your garden a new look is ideal as it is simple (DIY) and an extremely cost-effective way to make your garden come to life.

Here’s how to get started on making your first DIY fence:

Firstly, you would need to specify the space that you have to work with, you would then need to outline that specific area and then dig a shallow trench for your log rolls to be inserted into. The trench would need to remain at a level height throughout in order for your fence to be at a level height above ground level. You will need to place dual layers of landscape edging, one on top of the other. Apply pressure to the log rolls to ensure that it is held firmly in the ground, you may proceed to fill up the trench with the sand that was dug out and simply apply pressure to the soil after adding it in. Some people do opt to use a few logs stacked horizontally, this makes for a different but also very appealing look within their gardens, this also allows for stability as well as to ensure minimal mess in or out of the cordoned off areas.

The advantage of using log rolls as garden edging is that they’re easy to use, as simple as unrolling and pegging them into the ground, as well as being functional and decorative. Log rolls can also be used as a sort of border to split landscaped and non-landscaped areas of the garden, it adds to the overall rustic feel within a garden. Another advantage of using log rolls is that it can be curved around any space, size or shape of garden. It can even be used as a cordoned off area to store a DIY fertiliser area. Simply dig out the trench, insert your log rolls and you can start topping it up with your all your natural waste to create your home’s DIY fertilizer bin!

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