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Imagine building the jungle gym of your kids dreams only to have it be compromised by termites, borers or other pesky pests. That’s why we’re so committed to supplying you with the best quality treated poles, in this article we’ll be giving you all the information you need to know about treated poles and interesting projects you could create with it.

Firstly, it’s important to understand why wood is a preferred building material for things like furniture, jungle gyms and other structures. Wood requires less energy to produce than aluminium and plastic and is, in turn, better for the environment. It helps to cut carbon emissions significantly. Wood is able to store carbon for years and if the wood is sustainably farmed than the benefits of using it as opposed to man-made materials like plastic and metal are apparent. You might think that using wood is worse for the environment but actually, the energy required to produce fossil fuels is much higher than the negative offsets of sustainable and environmentally harvested wood. Wood eventually turns into organic material and even recycling plastic still uses a vast amount of energy and fossil fuels. Wood is a renewable resource that can be salvaged and reused with 100% of the raw material being consumed in production as opposed to plastic with uses fossil fuels and are non-renewable.

There are also other advantages of using treated wood beside it being environmentally sustainable. Natural wood can get moist and wet if left in these conditions and can soften as a result. This allows bacteria and microorganisms like fungus to take root and decompose the wood slowly. After the treatment of wood, it can be used on docks or for docks and piers.

Another advantage is insect resistance. AS mentioned before, insects pose a great threat to any structure built with wood. They bore through the wood easily and cause it to weaken. The treatment helps to prevent the wood from being damaged by insects and pests. When a treated wood product is used in a structure it can also help the remainder of the structure to be saved from extensive insect damage. The treatment discourages insects like cockroaches and spiders from making the structure it’s home. The stronger your wood is the more structural integrity it has.

Fire resistance is one of the most important advantages to treated wood. Since untreated can fuel a fire, treated wood is often treated with fire-retardant chemicals that can cause the wood to be fire resistant. If you’re constructing products near fire-prone areas or fireplaces we highly suggest treated wood and timber as a caution of safety and for your own peace of mind knowing that the risk of the wood helping a fire is greatly reduced by it being treated.

Although treated wood is more expensive than natural wood, it protects against insect damage, fungal growth and insect damaged. It can be used in outdoor and indoor locations where materials like steel can corrode if they don’t have a proper coating. It is also more durable than natural wood. It will last longer since it’s treated against the elements which then means it can remain more structurally sound than natural and untreated wood. It’s also easy to use.

It can be cut easily and is lightweight to move around and can be manoeuvred easily. It can be used to build things quickly and with ease. There’s much you can do with treated wood because it is treated its durable and will last for a long time with the little amount of maintenance.

You can build an outdoor playset that will last a long time. These are great investments as they last a long time and can be used for many generations. Kids enjoy having a place to relax and explore, so building your own outdoor playset allows you and your kids to have peace of mind. You can relax knowing that they’re safe and playing on a well-built structure made with safe and sustainable materials and they’d be ecstatic to know that they have access to a durable and long-lasting area for them to play in.

Mailboxes are also good things to be built with treated wood since they are exposed to the elements and require much more protection than something that was made and used indoors. Mailboxes treated with CCA treated wood can be painted and decorated to your liking. (We’ll explain what why use CCA and Creosote to treat our wood, next!). You can build fancy or simple benches for your outdoor areas or transform your dining room with a custom bench, or if you’re keen on creating an outdoor space to relax and enjoy your property than a deck or outdoor table and bench set is a great idea to use treated wood for. Once again, since the wood you’re using is treated, we’d like to mention that you’d be able to enjoy your creations for much longer than you’d expect natural wood to last.

Now that you know why treated wood is better and more sustainable and what you can do with it, we’d like to explain what the chemicals we treat our wood with are and what they can do for you. We stress that for your own personal safety you avoid using treated wood for burning domestic fires or preparing food since it can be dangerous when misused.

We use Creosote and CCA to coat our wood using a scientific method so that it is resilient. CCA is great for protecting against fungi, termites, wood-borers and marine borers, it has been used to treat wooden poles since the 1930’s and tends to help them be more resistant to rotting. Creosote is derived from coal tar and is more suited for exterior use. You might notice treated wood being used for the construction of utility poles, telephone poles and you might commonly see wood poles being used as fences, these types of applications rely on these coatings much more in order to ensure they can remain structurally sound for long periods of time,

We hope this article has better prepared you for making the right choice when it comes to your wood needs. We value the use of wood over other materials and we’re happy to help you with any queries you have about the best wood and timber products for your specific needs. One of our expert staff is available to advise you on anything you need to know concerning your wood and timber projects.

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