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You might be excited to start your next building but you should research a few things before you plan on building that deck. Before you begin any wood or construction project it’s imperative to have access to all the information you need beforehand. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a nervous beginner, having access to the correct tools and materials makes all the difference when it comes to how successful your project can be.  In this blog post, we’ll be going over some beginner projects you can try, good questions ask when buying wood from your local and trusted wood supplier as well as some information about pine; its uses and characteristics.

Firstly, decide what you’re going to build or make and what requirements and criteria and the effect the uses and placement of it has. Consider how stable the area you’re constructing it on is as well as how it will be used. If you already know what you’re making then all you have to do now and consider placement and ease of construction. If you’re building an outdoor deck than you have to pay attention to the width and height of the deck. The more surface area you have, the more wood you will use. If you have a trusted wood supplier then you can approach them to give you the pieces you need in the sizes you need for your project.

Consider how much of the material you will use and then find the most suitable wood. If you’re building an outdoor wooden deck than the wood you need will be treated and strong since it will be exposed to many materials and lots of foot traffic. Try to and experiment with different methods of joining the wood together and make sure that your working area is a flat and level surface that you won’t have difficulty working on. Keep in mind that rain, mud and even strong winds can affect your structure. If you’re making an indoor item then you can use a wood that is not as strong since it probably won’t be as exposed as an outdoor item would.

When it comes to sourcing your wood, you need to find a trusted supplier. If you’re looking for a wooden supplier in Durban, Poles Galore has you covered. We have a wide range of quality treated and tested products to help you with any and all of your projects, big or small.

Your wood supplier needs to be someone or a company that is dependable and exhibits a high level of quality control and standards. You are investing in building a project and you should be able to depend on your supplier to give you the best option for your project, when you need it or within a reasonable timeframe. Your supplier also needs to have a good access to supply since you may need large or specific quantities and you can rely on sourcing your supplies from a respected business you trust.

If you’re buying wood you also need to understand the different species and types of wood that exist. For example, let’s focus on pine wood. Pine is useful for both commercial and domestic uses as it is very versatile. They’re very durable as well. Pine is an inexpensive, lightweight wood that is great for things like kid’s furniture as well. It’s easy to work with since it’s soft and easy to carve. It also resists shrinking and swelling which makes it a great wood for beginners to use.

Pine can be used to make mouldings, furniture, floors, cabinets and even used in construction lumber. It’s considered one of the most widely used domestic softwoods on the market.

A few projects to make that pine would be useful for, as mentioned is a desk and furniture. You can build an impressive desk, chair and furniture for a kid’s room and even use it to build more intricate things like small toys and dollhouses.

To get started with the building of your project once you’ve purchased the wood you want and you’ve decided on what to build, you should invest in some reliable tools. They do not have to be expensive or very hard to use. Often you can repurpose various tools for the same projects but use it for different things. Make sure you consider buying second-hand equipment before you buy an expensive new machine that you’re not sure how to use and may risk it being damaged or broken. If you are buying a second-hand machine then make sure that it is in good condition and not missing any safety features or broken parts that may harm you.

Remember when it comes to DIY you’re adding something personal to whatever you create and you’re in control of how it looks, what purpose it serves as it and you can make the best decisions for all your wood needs. Get in touch with us today for more advice and for all your wood needs.

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