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Thatching Laths Durban

Servey Pegs Durban

Welcome to Poles Galore! The company that strives to produce timber products of the highest quality.

Treated Poles

Poles Galore provide forest fencing and timber products in Ballito. All our poles are treated with Creosote and CCA to protect the wood from pests and the elements. Termites, borers and other pests can weaken your wood unless it is treated.

Survey Pegs

Survey pegs or survey stakes are used during land surveys to mark points and boundaries on a landscape or construction site. They are used by builders, contractors, landscapers, gardeners and DIYers. As the name suggests.

Thatching laths

Thatch roofs are made of reed or grass and wood. When properly dried and installed a thatch roof is waterproof and keeps your interior cool in summer and warm in winter. Thatch is a natural insulator, air pockets within the.

Pine Slats

Poles Galore Pine Slats are high quality sheets of pine cut to size. They have a variety of uses both in the domestic and commercial sector. Decor and DIY trends has increased the demand for pine slats as more people.

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