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Buy Treated Timber in Durban, KZN


If you want quality timber products for your property in Durban, KZN, then Poles Galore can help. We offer a wide selection of treated timber products for any need you have. Buy timber products confidently with us.

What Do We Offer?

We provide a large range of timber products that are good for many types of projects. For example, you can find:

All of these serve specific purposes, whether you need products for fencing, construction, personal projects, or surveying. But no matter what product you choose, you will always find unmatched treated timber when you purchase from Poles Galore.

What Can You Expect?

When you buy treated timber from Poles Galore, expect quality. For example, our wood has protection against pests and the elements, including being waterproof. Additionally, the treatment process all our wood undergoes meets specific standards and is subject to regular inspections. That way, you can rest assured that our timber products are of high quality and meant to last.

And if you have any concerns about our wood processing, don’t worry. We strive to always follow environmentally sustainable practices, which ensures that all trees we grow and harvest come from accredited sources and don’t impact the environment.

Finally, you can expect experience at every stage of the process. Since our start in 1989, we have striven to provide only the best timber products with consistent training and expertise. You will not find any subpar products from us.

How Can You Get Your Timber?

If you want to buy quality timber products, then we are your company to turn to. Please either call us at 031 700 3652 (Pinetown) or 032 815 2917 (Ballito) to let us know about your timber needs.