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Buy Treated Timber and Treated Logs Near Umhlanga and Durban, KZN

Treated poles available in Durban, KZN

Poles Galore provides forest fencing and timber products in Durban. All our poles are treated with Creosote and CCA to protect the wood from pests and the elements. Termites, borers, and other pests can weaken your wood unless it is treated. CCA stands for Chromium, copper, and arsenic and is SABS approved for usage in the treated wood pole industry. There is a scientific method of applying the Creosote and CCA to the wood to make it leech resistant and safe for use. The way in which it is applied fixes into the wood so that it is highly resilient without leaving people or the environment vulnerable to the chemicals used. 

There have been no known health problems related to the use of CCA and Creosote-treated wood since its use began six decades ago. Only misusing treated wood and timber (like burning it for preparing food or for domestic fireplaces for example) leads to unhealthy exposure that can pose health risks. It is important to distinguish that there is a difference between the chemicals that are used to treat the wood before and after treatment. Before treatment these chemicals are dangerous, after treatment, they are fixed into the wood and non-toxic unless burnt. Treated Poles are an environmentally friendly product as long as it is not used to kindle fire or disposed of incorrectly. Cut wood retains the carbon it has absorbed which lowers the carbon emissions in our atmosphere. Worldwide foresters are committed to planting more trees that are used which makes it a renewable raw material that is good for the environment. Poles Galore treated poles and treated timbers can be used for post and rail fencing as well. They are resilient to all weather conditions and to pests and termites. We supply the best quality pole and timber rolls, droppers, and laths in Durban. Our gum pole prices and treated pole prices are the most competitive in the area. They are perfect to use for pergolas, thatch roofs, and screens. Our wood poles are also ideal as light poles for light construction projects and for DIY outdoor furniture. Our treated wood fence panels can be used for wooden fencing anywhere in South Africa and are perfect for wood picket fencing around a garden and wooden fencing along property lines.  Please contact us for more details on measurements of our treated poles. Our expert staff is here to help you with any queries and to advise you on the best timber and wood products to use for your projects.