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High Quality Pine Slats available in Durban, KZN

Poles Galore Pine Slats are high quality sheets of pine cut to size. They have a variety of uses both in the domestic and commercial sector. Decor and DIY trends has increased the demand for pine slats as more people are using the versatile material in creative and interesting ways. From furniture to fencing the uses for pine slats are endless. SA Pine is one of the most commonly used woods for DIY projects. Poles Galore sells planed pine slats or PAR Pine (planed all around). This means that the pine slats have been sanded until they are smooth. Some further sanding may still be required for certain projects. PAR Pine is popular mainly because it is affordable, easy to use, readily available and versatile. For any successful DIY project it is important to purchase wood slats that are flat, stored flat and have not bent or warped in storage. Poles Galore endeavours to produce the best quality slats. Our quality control team ensure that the slats are straight, stored flat and free from warping and bending. Pine is naturally blonde in colour which makes it easy to stain to any colour of your choice. There are many commercially available wood stain products that work wonderfully on our wood slates. Woodoc has a lovely range of colours. Chalk paint has also become a popular choice recently and can give wood a rustic look with minimal effort.

Treated pine slats are most commonly used to construct bed frames and furniture as they are durable and solid. They can be used to construct chairs, benches, storage boxes and tables as well. Outdoor furniture and deck chairs are also commonly made with wood slats. In fact, outdoor furniture made from pine slats gives outdoor dining areas a contemporary and fresh look. There are many people who are actually purchasing pine slats and constructing their own outdoor furniture as it is such a simple DIY project. The fact that Pine is readily available and cost effective makes it a good choice for DIY projects. Pine slats can also be stained to any colour of your choice which makes it extremely versatile. Indoors, pine slats are being used for shelving, floating shelves, storage boxes and decorative ladders.

In construction our wood slats can be used for roof structures as well as to edge windows and doors. The pine slats for sale here in Durban are always treated as untreated pine is not durable.

Pine slats can be used as a screen for privacy or to enhance the aesthetic appeal of an outdoor area. By using horizontal, vertical or angled wood slats made from treated pine you can update your entertainment area instantly. It lends a modern contemporary look. Pine can also be stained to achieve a colour that is customized to your home.

Another beautiful construction project for the outdoors is a Pergola which can be achieved using pine slats and a few other basic materials. These beautiful structures are easy to build and extend your outdoor seating area or provide an attractive walkway. They also provide a semi-shaded area which is perfect for an afternoon cup of tea, potted plants, pets and sun lovers in general.

Wendy houses or pine timber sheds are very popular here in South Africa and they are extremely versatile. They can be used for extra storage, children’s play, and accommodation and gardening supplies. These are easy to build with treated pine slats and a few basic tools. Here are a few other creative ideas that make something wonderful out of a simple and cost effective pine slat.


Stain your panels to the colour of your choice or even better, distress them and cut them up in different sizes. Sand them so they look rustic and place them behind your bed. Use shorter slats next to longer slats to achieve your desired look. Alternatively, you can place your pine slats horizontally. Both options look contemporary and rustic.

Coffee Table

Cut your wood slats to size and paint or stain with a good wood stain. Construct your coffee table by placing your wood slats horizontally to form an empty box with no bottom. Now use your remaining slats at the top. Contrasting colours sanded down washed-out pastels and distressed white paint looks wonderful on these DIY coffee tables.

Wood Wall

Perhaps one of the trendiest and eye-catching uses of pine slats is a distressed wood wall. Design enthusiasts are staining reclaimed or new pine slats in complementary shades and placing them on a feature wall.

Floating shelves

This is an easy project and you get added storage space as a bonus. Simply mount your wood slat with brackets. If you want to follow decor trends suspend your wood slat with some good quality rope or wire.

Children’s Sandbox

Children can play for hours with sand. It’s easy to construct a cost-effective sandbox from some pine slats and plastic sheeting. Expert tip: Consider buying some extra wood and hinges to make a cover to protect your sand from wind and pet faeces.